Musical Memory Care

About the Program

Actively engage in the endless possibilities of mental, physical, verbal, and emotional responses through a combination of:

  • Artistic Interpretation
  • Call-and-Response Exercises
  • Hand-eye Coordination Games
  • Problem-solving Games
  • Rhythmic Body Movements
  • Sing-alongs

No matter the physical or mental ability or limitation, Musical Memory Care (MMC) workshop sessions offer participants with consistency, love, empathy, respect, and sincerity through music – the ingredients paramount for positive outcomes.

MMC’s goal is to share musical experiences in as many ways as the participants needs’ demand; and to be as flexible as possible to meet the potentially changing landscape of personalities.

Workshop durations run approximately 35- to 45-minutes, depending on participants’ current ambitions and inclinations.

Shannon Wallace Memory Care Program

What You’ll Experience

Call-and-Response Exercises

Hand-Eye Coordination Games

Inspiring Ideas & Reflections

Movement / Exercise


Problem-Solving Games



Smiles & Giggles


Music Affects the Mind and Body
“Music, Movement and Memory Care Workshops have been a game changer for the Day Training For Adults (DTA) participants! Musical Memory Care does an excellent job of getting participation from every single person in the room, including staff.”

Join Us!

​​Can you imagine what we can accomplish together?

We’re just getting started!

ON-DEMAND videos are added on a consistent basis and accessible at your fingertips whenever you want to watch.

Each video runs for approximately 30 minutes.

COMING SOON: New and shorter videos that will be available and accessible, at your leisure, covering topics, ideas and concepts relevant to you, your life, your health, your wellness and your family.

NOTE: Although some medical insurance providers may cover prescribed forms of licensed music therapies, this program is currently considered private pay and is not covered by insurance.