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5-Star Review

Music is the voice of the soul, and these workshops touch individuals on a deep, powerful and transforming level.


5-Star Review

You are simply the best….best motivator, best friend to your students…the best.

Wayne Martin, Online Program Subscriber

5-Star Review

Your program offers wonderful, stimulating therapy to our residents who suffer from memory loss, and have cognitive and physical challenges.

You give our residents an opportunity to express emotion and interact with others. I’ve seen the positive effects your program has on our residents and it’s a moving experience for all.

Koelsch Senior Communities

5-Star Review

Here at Orchard Pointe, we enjoy Shannon and her talent several times throughout the week. From personal knowledge, we agree that she is CHANGING THE WORLD!

Orchard Pointe

5-Star Review

The love you have for seniors is truly a blessing.

Arizona Association for Activity Professionals

5-Star Review

Music is such a powerful way to reach people with Alzheimer’s. You exude love and acceptance like no other!

Cindy Schmitt, Executive Director, Koelsch Senior Communities

5-Star Review

The technology of zoom allows Shannon to see all the residents and address them by name – even though she is not in the same room. This keeps my residents engaged with her on the screen, and I believe results in people responding in a greater way than just watching an instructor lead an exercise class on TV.

Because Shannon has taken her Music and Movement class to the next level and has used the technology to her advantage – and to ours, the 3x/weekly frequency of the class is most beneficial to our residents.

Renee Stogner, Memory Support Director, Heritage Communities

5-Star Review

First time ever, and this is Awesome!!!

Cathleen, Live Online Participant

5-Star Review

You are fabulous! The way you incorporate the therapeutic benefits of music is incredible.

Dr. Paul Laven

5-Star Review

We appreciate your willingness to share your program with us and our county partners. Hearing your beautiful singing integrated into movement and cognitive tasking is impressive.

Arizona Department of Health Services

5-Star Review

Thank you for all the beautiful work you do.

New York Voices

5-Star Review

Our residents have had great response to Shannon’s class, great interaction, and it’s something the residents look forward to. Shannon’s presence in our building is uplifting and brings an energy to the group that is inspiring.

Heritage Communities

5-Star Review

You touch lives in such a special way! I love your program.

Shelly Drews, CEO & Founder, Help My Senior

5-Star Review

We love you so much!! My mom actually cried after we said bye to you. She was so happy. She said you’re just so nice and feels so comfortable in class. We can’t thank you enough for what you do.

Tara Scheel, Daughter of mom living with Alzheimer's

5-Star Review

I have seen the very effective interaction you have with my mother, Harriet and the other residents. Your sessions are a highlight activity and one of the main reasons we selected Amber Creek for my mom.

You do an excellent job of combining meaningful music with motor skills exercise, love and humor. Thank you for all you do.

Robert Sioles, Resident Family Member, Amber Creek Inn

5-Star Review

Shannon’s program, in-person and live online, is literally one of the highlights of my residents’ week, and is very often one of the ONLY activities on the calendar that will have full participation with ALL residents engaged and present!

Amy Heusted, Life Enrichment Director, Orchard Pointe

5-Star Review

You are AMAZING!  Thank you for what you do and for having my parents and I feel so welcome in the class. Your class was the first time they had worked out in over 4 years! My dad was so impressed with your knowledge and care. Honestly, I was a little sore last night; and was concerned about my parents. Today they were feeling great (as was I)! They hope to attend your class again.
Faith Cody, Family Caregiver

5-Star Review

Music, Movement and Memory Care Workshops have been a game changer for the Day Training For Adults (DTA) participants!

Musical Memory Care does an excellent job of getting participation from every single person in the room, including staff.

Scottsdale STARS

5-Star Review

Amazing woman doing amazing work!

Scottsdale Lifestyle Magazine

5-Star Review

Wow! You are a talented singer and performer! This is fun as well as good for the brain and body! I did it all on my feet and made it a dance! The finger exercises were new to me and neat!

Lynn, Live Online Workshop Participant

5-Star Review

One of my residents has formed a close bond to Shannon and will stop what she’s doing each time Shannon is on virtually. Then after the Zoom program, she will play the piano for 40 minutes to practice the songs she heard.

Lauren Arrighi, Memory Support Director

5-Star Review

Our residents at Sunshine Village get so excited when they know that you are coming to do a workshop. The responses from our residents to your workshop are way above and beyond what anyone is able to achieve!

Activity Director, Sunshine Village

5-Star Review

The joy that you brought to the lives of our residents was amazing. Music brings smile and joy to our hearts, and our residents couldn’t stop smiling.

Besides being absolutely fabulous at what you do, you brought such a feeling of love to our home. We were so blessed to have you interact with our residents and I am in awe with what you accomplished.

We had one particular resident who did not communicate too well, however you were able to draw her in and she tapped her foot and sang along with every song. Nobody else can compare to what you can do with seniors!

Wendy Laven, Owner, Our Parents House

5-Star Review

Seeing the one-on-one attention Shannon gives to each resident during her performance is very impressive — it helps with their eye-hand coordination, and helps keep their minds sharp and alert.

Judy Lefton, Resident Family Member, Our Parents House