Musical Memory Care

Musical Memory Care

Strengthen the Mind, Body, and Spirit through Music and Movement

No matter the mental cognition or physical ability or limitation, access INTERACTIVE, LIVE ONLINE workshops and a growing library of ON-DEMAND, pre-recorded videos, with Shannon Wallace, CDP, CDC from any virtual device, where and when you want it.

Musical Memory Care
Scottsdale Stars
“Music is the voice of the soul, and these workshops touch individuals on a deep, powerful and transforming level.”


Live online & on-demand workshop programs

Designed for active seniors and those of all ages living with dementia/cognitive impairment and developmental disabilities (IDD), Musical Memory Care with Shannon Wallace, CDP, CDC offers interactive in-person, live online, and on-demand video workshop sessions as therapy at-home and in care communities. 

A certified dementia practitioner and 30-year international, professional singer, Shannon combines the therapy of music and movement to stimulate synaptic brain activity, encourage the movement of underutilized body muscles, and facilitate an overall brain-body connectivity.

Therapy through music and movement

Whether for you and/or a loved one at home, or if you’re part of a larger company or organization that serves seniors or those of any age living with cognitive impairment and/or developmental disabilities (IDD), Musical Memory Care may be just the answer to your therapeutic needs.

With Shannon, participants experience:

  • full-body movement exercises
  • memory and hand-eye coordination games
  • problem-solving games (i.e., mathematics, geography, science and history)
  • humor and interactive, reflective conversation
  • all set to music and/or rhythm!!


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Brain and Body Benefits

Program Features

For decades, music and exercise have been clinically shown to benefit overall brain and body health, no matter the physical or mental ability or limitation.

Whether IN-PERSON, LIVE ONLINE, or ON-DEMAND, Musical Memory Care with Shannon Wallace, CDP, CDC is your one-stop-shop for a combination of music, movement, memory games and mindful inspiration for you, your loved-one and/or for all those you serve at home and/or in care communities.


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Live Interactions


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Meet the trainer

Shannon Wallace, CDP, CDC

As an advocate for the human’s adventurous and creative spirit through interactive expression and communication, Shannon Wallace, CDP, CDC* is a 30-year professional, international, professional jazz vocalist specializing in interactive music workshops for active seniors and those of all ages living with all stages of dementia/cognitive impairment and developmental disabilities (IDD), along with their care partners.

*Shannon is a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), Credential ID #244020, through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP) and is Dementia Care Certified (CDC), Credential ID #21-V1-121 through Dementia Care Education.

Musical Memory Care
World Nations Served by This Program

We’ve reached participants in 18 countries around the world!

As of April 2023, Musical Memory Care has touched the lives of participants in 18 countries* around the globe.

*Participants include those in Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Music, Movement and Memory Care Workshops have been a game changer for the Day Training For Adults (DTA) participants! Musical Memory Care does an excellent job of getting participation from every single person in the room, including staff.

Scottsdale STARS

Here at Orchard Pointe, we enjoy Shannon and her talent several times throughout the week. From personal knowledge, we agree she is CHANGING THE WORLD!

Orchard Pointe at Arrowhead

We appreciate your willingness to share your program with us and our county partners. Hearing your beautiful singing integrated into movement and cognitive tasking is impressive.

Arizona Department of Health Services

Your program offers wonderful, stimulating therapy to our residents who suffer from memory loss, and have cognitive and physical challenges. You exude love and acceptance like no other!

Koelsch Senior Communities

You are simply the best….best motivator, best friend to your students…the best.

Wayne Martin, Program Subscriber

Plans for individual subscribers!

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